What’s Up?

What’s Up at Symbiotic Design

October 13, 2023

Yes, this website has been placed on our back burner due to responsibilities elsewhere. Sorry, we know it’s a messy void, but if you are searching for our commercial services, please see the following list of links…

I also have quite a few social media personas, but I will leave that list for another post.

So, why the bare bones website?

I have been busy remodeling the upstairs. It’s surprising how long it is consuming nearly all of my free time. But I had moved the Symbiotic Design websites to different servers on different platforms and this is the new one that needs to be designed, but right now I am trying to keep my customers updated and supported on the various business websites listed above (and others), while upgrading our home and my upstairs studio.

We are refinishing the hardwood floors, as well as the baseboards and trim in order to completely clean and renovate so that the sleeping rooms and living areas are free of any issues, especially dust, as this is a very, very old house built in 1913.

That’s a lot of work. So it really is keeping us overly busy.





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